A filipino and a filipina

I found a filipino in Linköping, Sweden. I met the roman-catholic priest in Linköping during an ecumenical clergy meeting, who is a filipino. This is fr Gabriel Baldostamon. Fr Gabriel is from North Cotabato in Mindanao and speaks Ilongo and Visaya. The other person is of course the other “filipina” rev. Therése Olsson who stayed […]

Winter in the North

We travelled to the northern part of Sweden (Umeå). It’s a long trip, 14 hours by go train. We took the night train. That’s exotic. You realize that Sweden is a long and quite large country. You leave in one end of Sweden, sleep an entire night and wake up in a totally different part […]

The Swedish Chef

– Did you watch the Muppet Show when you were a kid, asked one of my sons. – Sure, bet you I did, I answered and started to describe the insane Muppet Show in late 70-ties and early 80-ties (aka late stoneage). How was the show then? I explained the different characters, miss Piggy, Kermit […]