Like the Philippines

No water, shouted Samuel! Dad, no water! And he was right. No water. The pump broke down. Deja-vue from the Philippines. It just felt familiar. I recalled all droughts but also when we where flooded and were out of drinking water. Collected buckets and went off to the nearest water station: the parish house in […]


This is the time when the sun never sets. At least if you live in the north of Sweden. Here, in the south the sun sets around 10 pm. It’s strange, and magic. So magic that Quincy Jones wrote a song about it: The Midnight Sun Will Never Set. It is magic and my body […]

We miss Eastern!

Yes we miss the way we celebrated eastern in the Philippines. I showed some pictures the other day on how Eastern was celebrated in our town Iloilo, all processions, the play with Jesus and the disciples, all scenes played in the Church, the brass band etc. The swedish congregation was impressed. Wow, they really celebrated […]