The Synchronized West

We’ll soon leave West for East. Transferring 5 persons by plane with their luggage is a small project. Everything has to be in place at the right time. And synchronized. It works, it works very well. The reason for that it works so smooth is that there are so many individual actions, perhaps thousands, that […]

What’s an adventure in Iloilo?

What’s an adventure in Iloilo? Saw this clip on youtube from our old home town Iloilo. What’s an adventure there? Well for us it could be going downtown to City Proper with our car, the traffic was a real adventure. But we found this great clip, it’s in tagalog but I think you can understand. […]

The Nativity Story

Jesus is born. It’s been celebrated around the world for the last 24 hours. It is a dramatic story just like a film. And it has been filmed many times. The Nativity story was one of them done in 2006 with, at the time, the young girl Keisha Castle-Hughes who earlier had made a huge success […]