What’s an adventure in Iloilo?

Adventure IloiloWhat’s an adventure in Iloilo? Saw this clip on youtube from our old home town Iloilo. What’s an adventure there? Well for us it could be going downtown to City Proper with our car, the traffic was a real adventure.

But we found this great clip, it’s in tagalog but I think you can understand. It’s very filipino. The adventures starts in, for us, an odd way. The first 5 min of the adventure is about the two central things in  filipino culture: religion and food.

He begins the adventure visiting the Cathedral of Jaro, an spanish limb stone cathedral from 19th century. The cool mountain-climber-diver-guy do the right thing, yes – a prayer.

After that he’s ready to eat. And he visits LaPaz market and goes for the LaPaz Batchoy, noodles with meat, onion etc. Iloilo is know for that typical noodle soup.

Now he is ready for an adventure in Iloilo!

Here is the link.


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