The Synchronized West

CX254We’ll soon leave West for East.

Transferring 5 persons by plane with their luggage is a small project. Everything has to be in place at the right time. And synchronized. It works, it works very well.

The reason for that it works so smooth is that there are so many individual actions, perhaps thousands, that are synchronized and in right order. So many systems, check-in, luggage, waiting-areas, people, people are everywhere and they work in the same direction.

It works.

That is amazing.

It’s a result of the rational mind, everything in a logical order. It is so smooth and efficient. A result of the western mind colonizing the world the their aircrafts just in time and I can’t help being amazed.

It’s like being on a global circus. Front view.

And you get a glimpse of the rational mind. You can actually see it.

I wonder how it works in east?

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